3rd Edition

December 30th and 31st 2023 and January 1st 2024

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24 hours of dance

Distributed over three days.

300 dancers

Join us!

An incredible dance floor

500 square meters of parquet flooring!

The only Lindy Hop Marathon is in Turin, Italy

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Turin Lindy Hop Marathon

No workshops but just dance, 24 hours of social dance spread over 3 days:

  • Saturday, December 30 (evening)
  • Sunday, December 31 (afternoon and evening)
  • ​Monday, January 1 (afternoon)

A different, amazing swing band will play live each day and several equally wild DJs will take turns!

The Marathon will take place entirely in the marvelous Fortino hall (Turin) with its 500 square meters of parquet.

If you want to get involved you can participate in our fun competitions!

​An amazin buffet of local products is always available for all marathon participants.

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Two fantastic swing bands and four different DJs will take turns to keep us dancing!

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For those who want to try their hand at competitions there will be something for everyone, from the simplest for those who are more timid to the most exuberant for those who like to dare!

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​To make your taste buds dance, too, and never run out of precious sugars!

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The membership contribution required to participate in the three-day marathon is 78€* per person. 
The Early Bird membership contribution for those who register and make payment by September 30th will be 68€* per person.

You can also choose to attend the New Year's Eve social dinner on Dec. 31, which has seating limited to 150 people and charges an additional membership fee of €20.

It is not possible to register for just one evening, the registration fee is for the entire event, then you are free to participate as much and when you want.

* The activity is organized by the La Bicicleta Association. In order to participate, you must be a member. The annual membership fee is €10. If you are not up to date with the membership fee you will be asked to pay this €10 as well.

New Year's Eve social dinner

At the New Year's Eve the dinner is social: everyone brings food to share (it's a potluck dinner), perhaps organizing with the group of friends, and for a contribution of €20 the association will provide us with hall, tables, chairs, microwave, dishes, water and wine.